About us

NGTEC is a technology company dedicated in providing ICT solutions, products, and services for various industries with a special focus on the telecommunication, banking and financial service sectors.

NGTEC has restructured to develop widely and steadily:

  • 2009, Company was established
  • 2014, the Company was restructured, renamed to NGTEC ASIA CORPORATION

We aim to meet customers’ needs by offering world-class products, cutting-edge technology, end-to-end solutions and professional services.

We have created thriving partnerships with leading international suppliers such as Oracle, Juniper network, Cisco, Microsoft, Symantec, Hitachi, HP, Polycom, Barracuda etc.
Together with our partners, NGTEC strong consulting and technical teams have successfully implemented many projects in various disciplines, namely, consulting, system integration, R&D, and software development.


Our Customers

Our Technology Partners