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We aim to meet customers’ needs by offering world-class products, cutting-edge technology, end-to-end solutions and professional services.

We have created thriving partnerships with leading international suppliers such as Oracle, Juniper network, Cisco, Microsoft, Symantec, Hitachi, HP, Polycom, Barracuda etc.
Together with our partners, NGTEC strong consulting and technical teams have successfully implemented many projects in various disciplines, namely, consulting, system integration, R&D, and software development.

Networking and Security

network and security

Any organizations and enterprises, when building up their IT infrastructure, should begin with the construction of network infrastructure. This is the first step for other IT applications.

Through years of providing  consultancy and implementation of comprehensive solutions of IT infrastructure construction for our customers, NGTEC has gained full capacities to assist the customers in building up optimal IT infrastructures. Nowadays, NGTEC has become one of the most reliable partners of many suppliers such as Cisco, Juniper, Barracuda etc. Read More

Server and Storage

server and storage

In responding to the requirements of an increasing development of IT industry, the application software has been dramatically developed with the stored data volume continuously increased. ORACLE, the provider of the most powerful solutions on servers and storage has chosen NGTEC as its gold partner in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos. Read More



 "Information Technology" is no longer new. Almost organizations and enterprises have applied information technology infrastructures to serve its daily works, manufacture and business. However, not many of them are well knowledgable to be able to properly adopt and utilize necessary software for their business. Addressing this demand, NGTEC has invested in brainstorming and figuring out  new IT solutions, particular in terms of database system  to support the most practical demands of the customers. NGTEC has become a strategic partner of the global software giant - Oracle. Read More

Video Conference


Polycom and Cisco are the world leading provider of video conferencing solutions. Armed with Polycom or Cisco solutions, all organizations, enterprises and individuals are capable to host virtual meetings with ultra high quality images and sounds to be perceived true as they are in in-person meetings. The same quality remains whatever geographical distance between conference points is. The solutions have been popularly applied in a variety of areas (both economic and social), including remote meetings, online trainings, medical clinics, security and defense etc. Read More



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