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Juniper delivers high-performance, scalable, and integrated solutions for securing networks, applications, and access to data across the entire enterprise network ecosystem.

The portfolio is designed to help ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets. Juniper products and solutions comprise an integrative ecosystem where the network, applications, and access to data are tightly controlled and protected, yet responsive to business demands, such as new web application deployment, data center consolidation management, or a BYOD initiative.

Secure Access:Unified policy management and orchestration for network applications and data access, including policy controls for all devices across a global enterprise network.

Secure Applications:Advanced protection from application-related vulnerabilities and exploits, including web applications attack prevention and intrusion deception.

Secure Networks:High-performance and scalable perimeter defense capabilities that protect both physical and virtual systems.

Management and Intelligence:Comprehensive policy management across the security ecosystem, including log management and analytics from a single pane of glass.

IC Series






IC Series Unified Access Control (UAC) Appliances are hardened, scalable, high-performance, centralized network security policy management servers.

They gather user authentication data which is used to implement dynamic access and network security policies distributed to network enforcement points, which can be any vendor-independent 802.1X-enabled access point or switch, such as EX Series, and any Juniper firewall, such as SSG Series, ISG Series, or SRX Series.

A “follow-me” network policy uses the TNC IF-MAP protocol to allow users authenticated to a IC4500 to access network resources protected by another remote or local IC Series appliance. Learn more

SRX Serie




SRX Series Services Gateways are high-performance network security solutions for enterprises and service providers that pack high port-density, advanced security, and flexible connectivity, into easily managed platforms.

These versatile and cost-effective solutions support fast, secure, and highly-available, data center and branch operations, with unmatched performance to deliver some of the industry’s best price-performance ratios and lowest TCOs. Learn more

ISG Series 







ISG Series Integrated Security Gateways firewall/VPN systems are for securing enterprise, carrier, and data center, environments where advanced applications, such as VoIP and streaming media, demand secure, consistent, scalable performance.

Security features include intrusion prevention system (IPS), anti-spam, Web filtering, and Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) antivirus redirection support, and can include integrated Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) or a General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) firewall/VPN for mobile network environments.

ISG Series architecture enables deployment with a variety of copper and fiber interface options, enabling segmentation and isolation of traffic for different trust levels and allowing multiple, separate firewall or routing policies without network impact. Learn more

LN Series 





The LN Series Rugged Secure Routers provide high-performance network routing, next generation firewall, and unified threat management, capabilities in a single platform.

These hardened devices were designed to withstand the strongest vibrations and shock. The absence of vents and other openings make them dust proof and splash resistant, and the lack of moving parts such as fans allows the LN Series routers to operate maintenance-free for years. Learn more

MAG Series 






MAG Series Junos Pulse Gateways enable dynamic policy-driven security enforcement with Junos Pulse client, Junos Pulse Secure Access Service (SSL-VPN), and Junos Pulse Access Control Service (UAC) that provides market-leading secure, segmented remote and local network access on a single platform.

They enable authorized users, including employees, telecommuters, mobile workers, contractors, guests, customers, and more, to have safe, secure remote and LAN-based network access. A range of models offers flexible deployment for all sizes of business networks, and support broad coverage across mobile and non-mobile devices, with built-in device integrity checking to further enable enterprise BYOD initiatives. Learn more

NetScreen Series 






The NetScreen Series Security Systems are purpose-built firewall/VPN security systems designed for large enterprise, carrier, and data center networks.

The 2-slot NetScreen 5200 and the 4-slot NetScreen 5400 integrate firewall security, VPN security, DoS and DDoS protection, and traffic-management functionality, in a low-profile modular chassis. Built around our third-generation security ASIC and distributed system architecture, these VPN firewall security systems offer excellent scalability and flexibility, while providing a higher level VPN firewall security system through the NetScreen ScreenOS custom operating system. Learn more

SA Series 







Juniper Networks SA Series SSL VPN Appliances and the Networks SA Series SSL VPN Virtual Appliance provide a complete range of remote access appliances for all size companies. The SA Series includes Junos Pulse Secure Access Service with its simple, intuitive user interface that provides secure, authenticated access for mobile and remote users from any web-enabled device.

The SA Series combines the security of SSL with standards-based access controls, granular policy creation, and unparalleled flexibility. The result is ubiquitous security for all enterprise tasks, with options for increasingly stringent access control to protect the most sensitive applications and data, and deliver lower total cost of ownership over traditional IPsec client solutions.

Learn more

Secure Analytics 



JSA Series Secure Analytics is the new name for Juniper’s leading-edge STRM solution for centralized logging, monitoring and reporting. Formerly known as STRM Series Security Threat Response Managers, Secure Analytics integrates and automates log management and network behavior analytics, with the new models offering increased performance and scale. There are four hardware platforms and also a virtual appliance, enabling flexible deployment options. Learn more


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