Oracle Premier Support

Oracle Premier Support provides essential support services including 24/7 technical assistance, powerful proactive support resources, and product updates. With global coverage and 50,000+ development engineers and customer support specialists, Oracle delivers complete, dependable, fully-integrated service through Oracle Premier Support for Software and Oracle Premier Support for Systems.

Support for Servers and Storage
Oracle Premier Support for Systems provides the industry's most complete server and storage system support. You receive one-stop, 24/7 coverage for all Oracle system components including, as applicable, hardware, operating system, virtualization and management software, and other integrated system software. Service also includes ongoing updates and new releases for all covered software and firmware. Read More

Support for Software
Oracle Premier Support for Software provides global, enterprise-class support and continuous access to Oracle innovation. Through this single offering, you can receive consistent, proactive support across any and all of your Oracle software products including databases, middleware, and applications. Product updates and new releases enable ongoing business success, and Oracle's unique Lifetime Support Policy means you can upgrade as it suits your organization. Read More

Support for Engineered Systems and Solutions

With Oracle Engineered Systems, appliances, and optimized solutions, Oracle is able to deliver significant cost and performance improvements by engineering hardware and software to work together. Oracle Support takes the customer experience to a new level by providing a single point of vendor accountability and resolution, integrated proactive support tools, and coordinated product updates. As a result, you can simplify management, provide a more dependable service, and quickly deploy product enhancements. Now, customers running qualifying configurations can receive Oracle Platinum Services for no additional cost. Read More


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